Chelsea is one of the greatest teachers I’ve ever worked with. She is such a thoughtful, specific, encouraging, wonderful coach. She will really push you past your limits and work very meaningfully towards each of your specific goals and on all areas of your voice. She is professional and efficient and most of all she empowers you as an individual artist and keeps the joy of singing alive in each lesson. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Becca Co

Over the three years that I’ve been working with Chelsea so far, I’ve developed increased confidence and precision into my higher registers.   Perhaps the most exciting development in my voice was about 6months in, I began to feel for the first time that I could sing a song with feeling.  She is warm and encouraging and I look forward to my lessons with her. I’ve recommended her to friends and would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their singing voice. Chelsea is truly a fantastic singing teacher.

Zev Aber

Although there are a lot of wonderful teachers all over the world, it is difficult to find one who has such a deep understanding of the voice and soul. Chelsea Calder is one of them. She is one of the best teachers I have ever had. I began taking lessons with her at The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. I was astonished by the progress that my voice made within such a short period of time. Her help made me sound beautiful without feeling any discomfort or pain. Chelsea is not only an amazing teacher but also an amazing person. I will be proud of and thankful for her forever.

Kazue Kazami

Chelsea Wilson is a GREAT vocal coach (I have seen her teach, she’s the real deal). Not only does she know her stuff technically, she has tons of stage experience to back it all up. The bonus? She’s incredibly warm, intelligent, funny, lovely and gracious – in addition to being an amazing vocalist and performer herself. Call her. Sing better.

Stephanie Bare – Vocal Instructor, Las Vegas, NV

Chelsea has taught all three of my daughters voice and I have worked with her as a performer. She is extremely gifted as a musician and a teacher, and I would highly recommend her! In addition to her obvious talent, she is one of the most delightful and caring individuals I know. It is an all around pleasure to work with her and be in her company!

Shelly Truax

I started taking voice lessons with Chelsea when I was in my Junior year of high school simply because I wanted another activity other than dance.  I looked forward to my weekly voice lessons with Chelsea because I learned so much every lesson and she was also cheerful and eager to teach.  I went from never even letting my parents listen to my lessons from the waiting area, to showing them my new songs and the progress I was making every week.  When I decided my senior year that I wanted to pursue singing as a part of my career, Chelsea was ecstatic and helped me with my audition songs, resumes, applications and so much more.  I now attend the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University for Musical Theater, one of my top schools, and I couldn’t have done it without Chelsea!

Piper Friend