Welcome to Chelsea Calder Vocal Studio, offering voice lessons to passionate singers in New York City. Come to see how anything is possible with solid technique, a love of your art, and a commitment to mastering your craft.

I would highly recommend taking Skype lessons with Chelsea. When you’re on the road singing the same material eight times a week, it is very easy to become complacent with your technique. I find Skype lessons incredibly useful because they reinforce my work ethic, and keep me striving to improve my voice in areas I may not sing in every day. Even through the computer, Chelsea’s ear is stellar in recognizing tension in my voice and diagnosing the cause of it, and giving me exercises to free up my cords.  It doesn’t feel like we’re in different time zones at all!

Isabelle McCalla. Jasmine on the National Tour of Aladdin

Chelsea Wilson is a GREAT vocal coach (I have seen her teach, she’s the real deal). Not only does she know her stuff technically, she has tons of stage experience to back it all up. The bonus? She’s incredibly warm, intelligent, funny, lovely and gracious – in addition to being an amazing vocalist and performer herself. Call her. Sing better.

Stephanie Bare – Vocal Instructor, Salt Lake City, UT