Welcome to Chelsea Calder Vocal Studio, offering voice lessons to passionate singers in New York City. Come to see how anything is possible with solid technique, a love of your art, and a commitment to mastering your craft.

Chelsea is one of the greatest teachers I’ve ever worked with. She is such a thoughtful, specific, encouraging, wonderful coach. She will really push you past your limits and work very meaningfully towards each of your specific goals and on all areas of your voice. She is professional and efficient and most of all she empowers you as an individual artist and keeps the joy of singing alive in each lesson. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Becca Co

Chelsea has taught all three of my daughters voice and I have worked with her as a performer. She is extremely gifted as a musician and a teacher, and I would highly recommend her! In addition to her obvious talent, she is one of the most delightful and caring individuals I know. It is an all around pleasure to work with her and be in her company!

Shelly Truax